Colectia de reclame de Craciun – Garmin  

In perioada 2007 – 2009, Garmin a realizat o serie de reclame amuzante pentru Craciun, aratand cum, cu ajutorul unui GPS Garmin, iti poti rezolva toate problemele legate de cumparaturi si de aglomeratie. Le puteti urmari pe toate aici.

Garmin 2007 Holiday Ad #1

Look there’s a moose, give me a noose. I’m lost again, wheres highway ten this isn’t good, bad neighborhood where to buy a ring, he is approaching ding dong ding dong.. I missed my turn, I’m gonna burn wife’s gonna freak,? future is bleak nothing looks right, this really bites where’s highway ten, there’s a moose again give a give a give a give a garmin give a give a give a give a garmin screen clear and wide, whole world inside garmin dotcom garmin dotcom

Garmin 2007 Holiday Ad #2

Where’s shopping mall? There’s shopping mall Things that are small box big and tall Where’s Chinese food There’s Chinese food spicy chicken wing chicken on a ding Ding dong ding dong traffics a mess there’s no distress Find nother way with no delay Bluetooth is on call the salon Need a waxing now got a unibrow Give a give a give a give a Garmin (x2) Street clear and wide whole world inside Garmin dotcom (x2)

Garmin 2008 Holiday Ad – One for All

One for a man, in a little van Get there with ease, hair in the breeze One for commuter, on motor scooter Rolls down a hill, bugs in her grill One for the sport, where are? the shorts Are very tight, made for a bike One for a Nun, out for a run Wrist keeps a log, what she has jogged One for a Viking, out for some hiking Find a village, he will pillage Find what you want, find what you wish There’s even one to find a fish Give a, Give a, Give a, Give a Garmin Find something fun, for everyone

Garmin 2008 Holiday Ad – Coffee Shop

Where’s coffee shop? There’s coffee shop. Caffe Latte Man in toupee Where are the stores? There are the stores. Find all the gifts on shopping list. Five pairs of socks, sausage in a box, soap on a rope, stuffed antelope.
Onward again, Coffee’s kicking in, heart palpitates, car navigates. This can’t be real, hands on the wheel, here’s what you say, tells you the way, how sudden muscle tension and muscle sore and it demands, BIG SWEDISH HANDS. Give a, Give a, Give a, Give a Garmin! Find something fun, for everyone.

Garmin 2009 Holiday Ad – Nutcracker

LYRICS: Turn off the light, closed for the night. Go hit the town, real scary clown. Boots to the gas, on over pass. Nuvi on its perch, Google local search. Find the cafe, opened yesterday. There on the right, go grab a bite. Local? event, curling tournament. Sweep til it burns, follow the turns. Back to the store, a fuel efficent route. Yikes there’s the clown, on a round-a-bout. Give a, Give a, Give a, Give a Garmin Find local trips, at Finger tips. Garmin (dot) com Garmin (dot) com

Garmin 2009 Holiday Ad – Squirrel

One for a knight, off to a fight go slay a dragon, in a station wagon no time to lose, free traffic news trouble ahead, this way instead for a leprechaun, triathlon sight to behold, go for the gold one foreign yeti, hikes with a teddy photo mark the sight, come back tonight one for a scot, lines up a shot swing for the pin, tiny mandolin. Give a give a give a give a Garmin! Give a give a give a give a Garmin! Find something fun, for everyone. Garmin dot com, Garmin dot com.
Va asteptam si pe In luna decembrie aveti promotii si transport gratuit pentru produsele de navigatie GPS Garmin.

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